Can You Listen to Apple Music After Your Plane Takes Off?

You’re settled into your airplane seat, ready for takeoff. As the engines roar to life, you pull out your phone and wireless headphones, queuing up your favorite playlist on Apple Music. But wait – can you actually use Apple Music once your flight is in the air? Let’s dig into the details.

Overview of In-Flight Entertainment Rules

Most airlines have rules about using electronic devices during takeoff and landing. Once the plane has reached cruising altitude, however, you are generally allowed to use devices in “airplane mode” with wireless disabled.

Entertainment systems operated by the airline, such as movies, TV, and music, are usually available throughout the flight. Whether you can stream your own music depends on the airline’s policy and the in-flight wifi options.

Using Offline Apple Music Downloads

One surefire way to access your Apple Music library in the air is to download songs, albums or playlists to your device before your flight. As long as your phone or tablet is in airplane mode, you can listen to music downloaded for offline playback.

Downloading your Apple Music collection over WiFi at home is a smart way to prepare. Make sure to bring headphones too, as you usually can’t pair Bluetooth headphones in airplane mode.

Streaming Apple Music Over In-Flight WiFi

Many airlines now offer in-flight WiFi access, allowing you to use data and access the internet while in the air. If WiFi is available on your flight, you may be able to stream Apple Music just like you would on the ground.

Streaming will use your data plan, so it’s best to connect to the airline’s WiFi to avoid racking up roaming charges. In-flight WiFi often costs extra, so factor this into your budget. Performance may also be slower than ground connections.

Connecting Wireless Headphones on a Plane

To use wireless headphones like AirPods with your phone during flight, you’ll need to turn off airplane mode once at cruising altitude. Activate Bluetooth on your phone to pair your headphones.

Be sure to disable Bluetooth again and re-enable airplane mode when instructed for landing, as wireless signals can interfere with aircraft operation. Wired headphones avoid this issue if you want to keep your phone in airplane mode.

Tips for Listening to Apple Music In-Flight

  • Check if your airline offers onboard WiFi for streaming
  • Download playlists, albums and podcasts for offline listening
  • Bring wired headphones as a backup option
  • Reset airplane mode on landing per flight crew instructions
  • Consider upgrading to premium in-flight WiFi for faster streaming
  • Use a neck pillow and noise-cancelling headphones for comfort

FAQs about Apple Music and Airplane Mode

Can I use Apple Music on a plane?

Yes, you can listen to offline downloads or stream over in-flight WiFi at cruising altitude. Follow your airline’s electronic device policies.

Do I need internet to use Apple Music on a plane?

No internet is required if you download music for offline playback before your flight. You’ll need an internet connection for streaming.

What happens if I get a phone call while using Apple Music in airplane mode?

In airplane mode, you cannot receive phone calls or text messages. Your phone essentially becomes an offline media player.

Can I connect my wireless headphones in airplane mode?

No, you need to turn off airplane mode to connect Bluetooth headphones. Be sure to re-enable it for takeoff and landing.

Summary: Listen to Apple Music Once Your Plane is Airborne

While you cannot stream Apple Music during takeoff or landing, once at cruising altitude, feel free to queue up playlists, albums, or podcasts downloaded for offline playback. If in-flight WiFi is available, you can also stream Apple Music with an internet connection. Follow all flight crew instructions, and enjoy your music!

I hope this overview gave you a better understanding of how to listen to Apple Music on your next flight. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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