Will I Lose All My Music if I Cancel My Apple Music Subscription?

Apple Music has become one of the most popular music streaming services, with over 90 million subscribers worldwide. With its huge catalog of over 90 million songs and its seamless integration with Apple devices, it’s easy to see why so many users love Apple Music.

However, a common question that arises is: Will I lose all my music if I cancel my Apple Music subscription?

The short answer is: No, you will not lose all your music if you decide to cancel Apple Music. However, there are some important caveats to understand regarding music ownership and accessibility if you unsubscribe.

In this comprehensive guide, we will talk about:

  • What Happens to My Music Library If I Cancel Apple Music?
  • Will I Lose Songs I Added to My Library?
  • Can I Still Listen to Songs I Downloaded?
  • What About My Playlists?
  • Will Music Purchased on iTunes Be Removed?
  • What Happens If I Re-subscribe Later On?
  • Key Takeaways: Your Music After Cancelling Apple Music

Let’s dive in and understand exactly how cancelling Apple Music affects your music library.

What Happens to My Music Library If I Cancel Apple Music?

The main thing to understand is that only music added from the Apple Music catalog will be affected when you unsubscribe.

Any music you personally purchased or ripped from CDs will remain in your library and playable. This includes any songs or albums you bought through the iTunes Store.

So if the majority of your library is music you own, cancelling Apple Music will have minimal impact. You’ll still have full access to all your purchased content.

However, songs you saved directly from the Apple Music streaming catalog to your library, or downloaded temporarily for offline listening, will be removed or become unplayable when you cancel the service.

Will I Lose Songs I Added to My Library?

If you find songs through Apple Music and add them to your personal library, they will unfortunately be removed once you end your subscription.

The Apple Music library and your personal library may seem integrated, but they are distinct. Apple Music tracks are essentially just rented, not owned.

So any Apple Music songs you “liked” or “added” will disappear from your library when you unsubscribe.

You’ll have to go back and purchase songs individually if you want permanent access to them.

Can I Still Listen to Songs I Downloaded?

In addition to streaming, Apple Music lets you download songs, albums, and playlists for offline listening when you don’t have an internet connection.

This is a great feature, but it’s important to know downloaded music is also temporary and tied to your subscription.

Once you cancel Apple Music, all downloaded content will no longer be accessible and removed from your devices. Downloads aren’t purchases, so you lose access when you end your subscription.

If you want to continue listening to downloaded music from Apple Music offline, you would need to maintain your subscription.

What About My Playlists?

Playlists are one of the most fun parts of Apple Music, letting you customize mixes of songs to match any mood or activity.

Unfortunately, playlists containing Apple Music songs will also be impacted if you unsubscribe.

Any playlists featuring songs exclusively from the Apple Music catalog will be removed entirely. Playlists with a mix of Apple Music songs and songs you own will remain, but the Apple Music tracks will be greyed out and unplayable.

If you have playlists you want to preserve full access to, make sure to review them before ending your subscription and purchase any Apple Music tracks they contain.

Will Music Purchased on iTunes Be Removed?

As we covered earlier, any music you bought on the iTunes Store will not be affected by cancelling Apple Music. This includes both individual song purchases and full album purchases.

iTunes music is yours to keep forever, regardless of your subscription status. These purchases are stored in your iTunes library, separate from the Apple Music catalog.

So feel free to purchase music on iTunes that you want permanent access to, even if you plan to cancel Apple Music eventually. iTunes purchases are the only way to truly “own” music from Apple.

What Happens If I Re-subscribe Later On?

Let’s say you cancel Apple Music for a while, but then have a change of heart and want to re-subscribe later on. What happens to your music library then?

The good news is that Apple saves your music preferences and library even after cancellation. If you re-subscribe, all your Apple Music songs, downloads, likes, and playlists will automatically be restored.

So you can take a break from Apple Music when needed, without permanently losing your profile and preferences. You’ll essentially pick up where you left off if you rejoin.

There are usually promotional offers to lure back previous customers as well. So even if you cancel for a while, re-subscribing is easy.

Key Takeaways: Your Music After Cancelling Apple Music

To recap the key points on what happens to your music library when you unsubscribe from Apple Music:

  • Purchased music is yours to keep – Any songs bought on iTunes or ripped from CDs stay in your library.
  • Added Apple Music tracks are removed – Songs you added or liked from the streaming catalog will be taken out of your library.
  • Downloaded music becomes unavailable – Downloaded songs, albums or playlists can no longer be accessed offline.
  • Playlists are modified – Playlists lose any Apple Music content, which becomes greyed out.
  • Your library is restored if you resubscribe – Apple saves your data, so you don’t permanently lose anything by unsubscribing.

The main takeaway is to be sure to purchase any must-have Apple Music content. That’s the only way to guarantee continued access if you leave the service.

While it may be disappointing to lose access to some songs, cancelling Apple Music doesn’t mean losing your entire music library. The impact is mostly limited to the Apple Music streaming catalog – music you own remains fully intact and playable.

Hopefully this clears up what will happen to your music library if you cancel your Apple Music subscription. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cancelling Apple Music

Will my downloaded Apple Music songs be deleted if I cancel?

Yes, any downloaded Apple Music content will be removed from your devices and become unplayable when you cancel your subscription. Downloads access requires an active subscription.

Can I download my Apple Music playlists before cancelling?

Unfortunately there is no way to download or export playlists containing Apple Music songs. Only songs purchased on iTunes can be kept and listened to offline after cancelling.

What if I added Apple Music songs to my non-Apple device?

If you added Apple Music tracks to libraries on non-Apple devices, they will also be removed when you unsubscribe. Apple Music subscriptions work across devices but the limits remain the same.

Will my recommendations and For You playlist be saved if I re-subscribe later?

Yes, Apple Music will save data like your taste profile, recommendations, favorites, and custom playlists if you re-subscribe after cancelling. So you can pick up where you left off.

Can I re-download Apple Music songs if I start a new subscription?

Yes, any Apple Music songs you downloaded previously will become available to download again if you restart your subscription. Your download history is saved.

Do I lose everything if I let my trial subscription expire?

If your trial runs out it works the same as cancelling – you’ll lose access to Apple Music catalog content but any iTunes purchases remain in your library. You can re-subscribe later to restore your data.

Can I use iTunes gift cards to pay for my Apple Music subscription?

Yes, iTunes gift cards can be redeemed towards an Apple Music membership, as well as content like app purchases, iCloud storage, and more.


We hope this article has helped explain exactly what happens to your music library when cancelling Apple Music. While it’s disappointing to lose streaming catalog access, you retain full ownership of any music purchased on iTunes or from your own CD collection. And if you re-subscribe, your Apple Music data is waiting for you.

If you enjoy Apple Music, there are usually ways to get discounts on subscription renewal prices. But if you want to take a break, your listening habits make cancellation your best option, or you need to cut some monthly expenses, you can unsubscribe knowing your personal music library stays intact.

Let us know if you have any other Apple Music questions! And be sure to bookmark our site for more guides to get the most from your Apple devices and services.

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