How To Check Your Top Artists On Spotify? A Complete Guide

Do you ever wonder which musicians and bands you listen to the most on Spotify? Discovering your top artists can provide insight into your musical tastes and listening habits. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain exactly how to check your top artists on Spotify on both desktop and mobile.

Spotify compiles extensive data on everything you stream in order to deliver personalized playlists and recommendations. This includes closely tracking your most played artists and songs.

Checking your top Spotify artists is easy to do and only takes a few clicks. This data can be useful for many reasons:

  • Discover which specific musicians and bands you stream the most to see your favorite genres, styles and eras.
  • Learn how diverse your musical tastes are. Do you listen to a wide variety of artists from many genres or focus on a select few?
  • Get inspired to explore new yet similar artists based on your current favorites.
  • Create specialized playlists featuring your top streamed artists for different moods and activities.
  • Impress your friends with your elite Spotify streaming stats and share your favorite musical tastes.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the simple steps to find your top artists on both desktop and mobile. We’ll also cover how to customize playlists using your top data.

How To Check Your Top Spotify Artists

Checking your top artists is easy whether you use Spotify on desktop or mobile. Here are step-by-step instructions for both:

On Desktop

  1. Open the Spotify desktop app.
  2. Click on ‘Search’ at the top left of the screen.
  3. In the search bar that appears, type ‘top artists’.
  4. Open the ‘Top Artists’ playlist that appears at the top of search results.
  5. Scroll down the playlist to see the artists you have streamed the most, ranked in order from #1 through #50.
  6. Expand each artist to see how many streams you have for that musician.
  7. Toggle between the “Last Month”, “Last 6 Months”, and “All Time” tabs at the top to view your top artists for each time period.

On Mobile

  1. Open the Spotify app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the ‘Search’ icon at the bottom of the screen. This is the magnifying glass icon.
  3. Search for ‘top artists’ in the search bar.
  4. Open the ‘Top Artists’ playlist that appears at the top.
  5. Scroll down to see your top artists ranked in order based on streaming data.
  6. Tap on each artist to see additional stats like number of streams.
  7. Swipe side to side on the tabs at the top to switch between last month, 6 months, and all-time.

Checking your top artists data on Spotify is that quick and easy!

Customizing Playlists With Your Top Artists

Once you check your top Spotify artists, you can get creative and make customized playlists tailored to your tastes.

Try making playlists based on genres, time periods, activities, moods, and more. Here are some specific playlist ideas to get you started:

  • An “All-Time Favorites” playlist featuring your top 25-50 artists of all time.
  • A “Throwback Playlist” with top artists from your high school and college days.
  • A “Current Obsessions” playlist using your top streamed artists from just the last month.
  • Upbeat “Workout Playlist” based on your top pop, hip hop, and high-energy artists.
  • Late night “Chill Vibes” playlist using your top R&B, indie, and acoustic artists.
  • Specialized genre playlists like “My Top Country Artists” or “My Top EDM Artists.”
  • Custom playlists for specific activities like “Dinner Party” or “Road Trip” using your top artists.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to tailoring playlists to match your tastes using your top Spotify data. Get creative with your most listened to artists!


Checking your top Spotify artists provides valuable insight into your listening habits and musical tastes. Use this guide to easily view your ranked top artists on both mobile and desktop.

Knowing your most streamed artists allows you to craft personalized playlists, find similar artists, and share your musical tastes. Now you can easily tap into your Spotify data to enhance your listening experience. Keep streaming your favorites!

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