Why Can’t I See Lyrics On Spotify IPhone – How To Fix It?

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services, allowing you to listen to millions of songs on your iPhone. A great feature of Spotify is its ability to display song lyrics as you listen, allowing you to sing or read along. However, sometimes lyrics don’t show up on Spotify on your iPhone. If you’re wondering “why can’t I see lyrics on Spotify iPhone?”, this article will walk you through the common reasons and how to fix them.

Why Lyrics May Not Show on Spotify iPhone

There are a few common reasons why you may not be seeing lyrics on Spotify on your iPhone:

Lyrics aren’t available for the song

The most straightforward reason is that the song you’re listening to simply doesn’t have lyrics available on Spotify. Spotify’s lyric library isn’t comprehensive, and some songs – especially more obscure tracks – won’t have accompanying lyrics.

Lyrics are disabled in your Spotify settings

Spotify allows you to turn lyrics off so they don’t display as you listen. If you or someone else has disabled lyrics in your Spotify settings, this will prevent them from showing.

Your iPhone screen is locked

Lyrics will only display on Spotify for iPhone when your screen is unlocked. As soon as your lock your iPhone, the lyrics will disappear. This is because Spotify cannot display anything visual on a locked screen.

Your iPhone isn’t updated

Outdated software can cause all kinds of glitches and issues with apps like Spotify. Make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS version to rule out any compatibility issues.

Spotify isn’t updated

Likewise, having an outdated version of the Spotify app itself can prevent lyrics from showing properly. Check the App Store to see if any Spotify updates are available.

Connectivity issues

Unstable internet connections like weak WiFi or no cellular data can interfere with Spotify loading lyrics. Check that your iPhone has a strong, stable connection.

Your region doesn’t support lyrics

Due to music licensing limitations, Spotify lyrics are not available in all countries and regions. If you are traveling or using a VPN, your Spotify region may not support displaying lyrics.

How to Fix “Can’t See Lyrics on Spotify iPhone”

If you aren’t seeing lyrics in the Spotify app on your iPhone, try these troubleshooting tips:

Check song availability

First, use the Spotify desktop app or website to see if the song you want even has lyrics available. Search for the track, and if no lyrics show up even on desktop, then they simply aren’t available on Spotify. Consider looking up lyrics on another site like Genius.

Enable lyrics in settings

Open the Spotify app settings and ensure “Show Lyrics” is toggled ON under Music Settings. If lyrics were disabled, this should re-enable displaying them.

Unlock your screen

Don’t forget to unlock your iPhone screen! Lyrics will disappear whenever your screen locks or sleeps, so wake your device back up.

Update your iPhone

Go to Settings > General > Software Update and install the latest iOS version if one is available. Keeping your system up-to-date can fix lyrics issues.

Update the Spotify app

In the App Store, search for Spotify, and if an Update button shows, tap it to install the newest version. This ensures compatibility.

Check your internet connection

Make sure your iPhone has a strong WiFi or LTE data connection to allow Spotify to load lyrics properly. Restart your device or toggle Airplane mode on/off to refresh the connection.

Use a VPN to change regions

If lyrics aren’t available in your country, use a VPN service to change your virtual location to a region that supports lyrics like the U.S. or U.K.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why do some songs not have lyrics?

The main reason some tracks don’t have lyrics on Spotify is licensing restrictions. Spotify has to negotiate rights to display song lyrics, and doesn’t have agreements for every single track. Newer and more mainstream music is more likely to have lyrics.

How do I enable lyrics in Spotify?

Open the Spotify app, tap the Settings icon, choose Music Settings, and make sure “Show Lyrics” is toggled ON. This will enable displaying lyrics for songs that have them available.

Does Spotify lyrics work on lock screen?

Unfortunately no – Spotify cannot display lyrics or any visuals on a locked iPhone screen due to iOS limitations. You need to unlock your device to allow lyrics to show.


Trouble seeing lyrics on Spotify on your iPhone? This is usually caused by the song not having available lyrics, disabled settings, connectivity issues, or region restrictions. Now you know how to troubleshoot and get lyrics working again! The key fixes are checking song availability, toggling lyrics on, updating software, ensuring a strong internet connection, and using a VPN to change locations. With these simple tips, you can sing along to all your favorite tracks.

What songs do you want to see lyrics for on Spotify? Share your thoughts below!

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