How to Log Into Spotify Without Password or Email? (4 Ways)

Listening to music on Spotify has become a daily habit for millions of people across the world. But what if you want to access your Spotify account on a new device and don’t remember your password or email? Don’t worry, there are a few different ways to log into your Spotify account without needing your password or email address.

In this article, we will explore 4 methods that will allow you to log into your Spotify app and access your playlists and libraries without entering your password or email. Whether you forgot your login details or just want an easier way to access Spotify on new devices, these tips will help you out.

Use Spotify Connect to Log In

One of the easiest ways to log into the Spotify app without using your password or email is to use Spotify Connect.

Here is how it works:

  1. Make sure you are logged into the Spotify app on one device, such as your computer or mobile phone. This will be the device you use to connect to Spotify on your new device.
  2. On the new device you want to log into Spotify on, download and open up the Spotify app.
  3. In the Spotify app, click on the “Connect to a device” icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. This looks like a wireless symbol.
  4. A list of available devices logged into your Spotify account will pop up. Select the device that you are logged into Spotify on. This connects the two apps.
  5. After a few seconds, your Spotify account should automatically log in on the new device! You can now access your playlists, albums, podcasts and more without having to enter any login details.

The key is having at least one device logged into your Spotify account already. As long as you have access to that device, you can use Spotify Connect to seamlessly log in on any other device. It makes switching smartphones, computers or tablets easy without having to remember passwords or recovery emails each time.

Log In Through Your Facebook Account

If you initially signed up for your Spotify account through Facebook, that social media platform provides another convenient way to log in without using your email or password.

Follow these steps to log into Spotify using your connected Facebook account:

  1. Download and open up the Spotify mobile app on your new device if you haven’t already.
  2. Tap on “Log In” which is located at the top right corner of the app.
  3. Select “Continue with Facebook” instead of entering any email or password details.
  4. You will be redirected to Facebook to confirm logging into Spotify. Enter your Facebook login details if prompted.
  5. After confirming on Facebook, Spotify will automatically log you into your account!

The main requirement here is having originally connected your Spotify account to your Facebook profile. As long as you have access to log into Facebook, logging into Spotify is a breeze since the two are synced. This avoids having to recall any old Spotify login credentials.

Use Your WiFi Network for Easy Login

An even simpler option is logging into Spotify by using the WiFi network you are connected to. When you initially set up Spotify on your home WiFi network, the app remembers that network.

Follow these steps for easy WiFi login:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the same home or office WiFi network that you previously used to set up Spotify. This could be your home broadband or a shared office network.
  2. Open up the Spotify app on your new device.
  3. When prompted to log in, select “Log in with WiFi”.
  4. Spotify will automatically log you into your account without entering any login details!

The key requirement here is having been connected to that WiFi network before while using Spotify. As long as you are on a recognized WiFi network, Spotify allows you to bypass the login process for a smoother user experience.

Log in with Phone Number

If you signed up for Spotify using your phone number, you can use it to log in as well.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click “Log In”
  2. Below the email/password fields, click “Log in with phone number”
  3. Enter your phone number and click “Send”
  4. Spotify will send a code via text to your phone
  5. Input the 6-digit code on the Spotify login page
  6. You’ll then be logged into your Spotify account through your phone number

This method is useful if you don’t remember your password but have access to the phone number associated with your Spotify account. As long as you can receive text messages, you can get the code to log in securely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here are some commonly asked questions about logging into Spotify without using your password or email:

What if I don’t have access to my original Spotify login device?

If you cannot access the device you initially used Spotify on, you can reset your password through Spotify’s password recovery process. This will require access to the email associated with your Spotify account.

Can I use Spotify Connect to login on someone else’s device?

No, Spotify Connect will only work to log you into devices that you own and have used Spotify on previously. It does not allow logging into brand new or other people’s devices.

What happens if I lost access to the Facebook account connected to Spotify?

If you can no longer access the Facebook account tied to your Spotify, you will need to use Spotify’s password recovery process. Alternatively, you can create a new Spotify account and migrate your music and playlists over.

Does the WiFi login method work on public or new networks?

No, the WiFi login only works on WiFi networks that you have previously accessed Spotify on. It will not automatically log you in on new or public networks.

Can someone else login to my Spotify if they are on my WiFi network?

No, the WiFi login is only available for devices that have previously logged into your Spotify account successfully. Strangers or other users on your home network will not have automatic access.


Logging into Spotify doesn’t always have to involve remembering passwords or having access to your account email. With the variety of password-free login options, you can start listening to your music without the usual hassle.

Whether you use Spotify Connect, Facebook, or your WiFi network, the above methods provide convenient shortcuts to get into your Spotify account. So the next time you get a new phone or laptop, don’t worry about retrieving old login details. Just use one of these password-free methods to log into Spotify seamlessly.

Now you can access your playlists and get your music fix faster than ever before. So plug in those headphones, pick your favorite Spotify login option, and start listening!

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