Does Audiomack Count Streams on Repeat?

Are you an artist trying to boost your streaming numbers on Audiomack? You may be wondering if the platform counts streams from repeated listens. In this article, we’ll break down how Audiomack counts streams and if repeats are included.


Audiomack is a popular hip-hop streaming site where artists can upload their music and promote their tracks. Like other streaming platforms, Audiomack shows streaming statistics so artists can track their progress. An important metric is the stream count, which measures how many times a song has been played.

But do repeated listens from the same user count towards this total? Or is each stream only counted once per listener? This is an important question for artists looking to maximize their streaming numbers through repeats.

We’ll take a look at how Audiomack counts streams, if they count repeats, and some best practices for artists.

How Audiomack Counts Streams

In general, Audiomack counts every play of a song as a stream, whether it’s from a unique user or a repeat listener. Their system tracks each individual play, regardless of who listened or how many times they’ve streamed a track before.

This means that if a dedicated fan plays your song on repeat 20 times in a day, all 20 of those streams will be counted in your overall total. Audiomack does not filter out or omit streams from the same user.

The platform displays a real-time count of total lifetime streams on an artist’s profile and song pages. This number updates with every new play.

Does Audiomack Count Streams on Repeat?

Yes, Audiomack includes streams from repeated listens in the overall stream count. If a user plays the same song multiple times, each stream gets tallied and contributes to the total.

The platform does not have any limits or restrictions on how many times the same listener can stream a track. Whether it’s 2 plays or 20 plays from one user, they all accumulate into the lifetime total.

This makes Audiomack different from other platforms like Spotify, which only count streams once per user for royalty calculation purposes. But on Audiomack, an artist can benefit from superfans streaming a song on repeat.

Best Practices for Artists

Since Audiomack counts all streams, even repeats, here are some best practices for artists to boost their numbers:

  • Encourage loyal fans to play new releases on repeat, either organically or through promotions like loop campaigns. More repeats equals a higher stream count.
  • Use Audiomack’s repost feature to get added to playlists and share music with new listeners. This expands beyond existing fans.
  • Promote songs through social media, email lists, and other channels to drive traffic to your Audiomack profile.
  • Engage fans to create anticipation and excitement around new releases so they’re motivated to stream repeatedly.
  • Analyze streaming data on Audiomack to see which songs perform best and which promotion strategies work.

FAQ’s About Streams on Repeat

Here are some frequently asked questions about getting streams on repeat to count on Audiomack:

Do streams from myself or my team count?

Yes. Even if you or someone affiliated with you streams your own song, those plays still count. However, excessive self-promotion streaming may violate Audiomack’s terms.

Can I just keep one song on repeat overnight?

Technically yes, but this may look suspicious if it’s clearly bot activity and could risk getting flagged. It’s better to encourage real fans to stream your songs.

How long do songs have to be played to count as a stream?

There is no minimum play length- even a 5 second play counts as a stream. The whole song doesn’t need to play through.

Do promo services that offer loops work?

Yes, third-party streaming promotion services can be effective to boost your Audiomack streams, as long as they follow Audiomack’s terms of use. Research services carefully first.


In summary, Audiomack does include repeated streams from the same user when tallying up lifetime play counts. This presents a unique opportunity for artists to boost numbers through repeat listens. Focus on building genuine fan connections and utilizing promotions wisely. With the right strategy, artists can scale streaming statistics on Audiomack.

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