What is a Spotify Group Session? The Complete Guide

Have you ever wanted to listen to music or podcasts with friends and family, no matter where they are in the world? A Spotify Group Session allows you to do just that. This guide will explain what a Group Session is, who can start one, how it works, tips for the best experience, and some of the limitations.

What is a Spotify Group Session?

A Spotify Group Session allows multiple Spotify users to join in real-time and listen to audio content synchronized together, no matter their location. One person hosts or starts the session, then generates a shareable link that up to four other people can click to instantly join.

The host controls playback for everyone in the session. So if the host pauses a song or podcast, it pauses for all participants. The host also queues up tracks and podcasts to be played next. However, anyone in the group can add music and podcasts to be played after the host’s queued content.

Who Can Start a Group Session?

To start a Group Listening Session on Spotify, the host needs:

The host starts the session from inside the Spotify app by tapping the “Connect” icon and selecting “Start a group session.” They can then share a link for others to join.

Participants who join the session can have either Free or Premium Spotify accounts. However, they must use the latest version of the mobile or tablet Spotify app to participate.

How Does a Group Listening Session Work?

Here is an overview of how a Spotify Group Session works once started:

  1. The host starts a session and shares the invitation link with up to four other participants via messaging apps or social media.
  2. Participants click the invite link which opens Spotify (if they don’t already have it open).
  3. Participant joins the session. Their Spotify app switches over to show what is currently playing in the session (synced to the same playback location as host).
  4. Host plays, pauses, skips tracks which mirrors across all participant devices/apps.
  5. Participants can add tracks which get added to a queue for the host to then play in order.
  6. Participants leave session whenever they want with no impact to playback for host and other participants still remaining.

So in summary, once joined, it creates a synchronized listening party where the host controls playback for up to five listeners total.

Tips for the Best Group Listening Experience

If you’re the host or a participant in a Group Session, these tips will help ensure the best experience:

  • Make sure everyone has updated to the latest version of Spotify to prevent playback issues
  • Have the host confirm everyone has successfully joined before starting music
  • Use a group messaging chat (separate from the listening session invite link itself) for text communication to prevent disrupting songs
  • Take turns designating a host if you want to switch off playlist control
  • Make sure both the host and participants have adequate internet connectivity and battery charge to last the duration of the listening session

Limitations and Considerations

While Spotify Group Sessions provide an easy way to listen with others in real time, there are a few limitations to be aware of:

  • Only available on mobile/tablet devices – not on desktop apps or smart speakers
  • The host must have a Premium Spotify subscription
  • Participants can only join if invited by host or someone else already in session
  • Works for up to five total listeners including host
  • Requires good internet connectivity from all involved
  • Not available for podcast that contain video

So keep those considerations in mind as you plan out your group listening parties!

Ready to Try Spotify Group Sessions?

A Spotify Group Session makes it easy and fun to feel connected with friends and family through music and podcasts no matter where everyone is located. With the ability to have real-time shared listening experiences, Spotify continues leading the way when it comes to social and synchronized streaming.

Are you excited to test out Group Sessions for the first time? Let us know some of the features or types of audio content you most look forward to experiencing with your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions About Spotify Group Sessions

What devices support Spotify Group Sessions?

Group Sessions only work on mobile and tablet devices running the latest version of the Spotify app. Desktop and web players are not supported at this time.

Do I need a paid Spotify subscription to join a Group Session?

No, participants can have either free or paid Premium accounts. Only the host starting the session needs a Premium subscription.

How many people can join a Spotify Group Session?

Including the host, up to five total people can join a Group Listening Session.

Can I join a Spotify Group Session without an invitation?

No, Spotify designed Group Sessions to be private listening parties. You must receive an invitation link directly from the session host in order to join. This helps prevent random people from accessing private sessions.

I hope this comprehensive guide better helps you understand the experience one can have with Spotify Group Sessions! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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