How Does BoomPlay Pay Artists?

Earning money from your music is easier than ever in today’s digital age. Music streaming services like BoomPlay offer artists new ways to get their music heard and make money from streams and downloads. But how exactly does BoomPlay pay artists? In this in-depth guide, we’ll break down BoomPlay’s artist payment system so you can understand how to maximize your music earnings on this platform.

BoomPlay is one of the fastest growing music streaming services, with over 100 million songs and tens of millions of users. For artists, BoomPlay offers a great opportunity to expand your audience and get paid for streams and downloads.

But like any music streaming service, understanding how BoomPlay calculates payments and issues royalties can be confusing. There are many factors involved, from BoomPlay subscriptions to song rights and worldwide streaming rules.

This article will explain exactly how BoomPlay pays artists by looking at:

  • How BoomPlay pays royalties
  • Royalty calculation factors
  • Payment timeframes
  • Tips for increasing your BoomPlay earnings

Knowing how you get paid by BoomPlay is key to managing your expectations, optimizing your payment, and taking advantage of everything this platform has to offer artists. Let’s break it down!

How Does BoomPlay Pay Royalties to Artists?

When your songs are streamed or downloaded on BoomPlay, you as the rights holder earn royalties. Royalties are paid to you through BoomPlay as follows:

  1. Your music gets streamed or downloaded by BoomPlay users.
  2. BoomPlay tallies up all artist streams and downloads.
  3. These usage numbers are converted into royalties based on certain calculations.
  4. BoomPlay pays out royalties to rights holders on a monthly basis.
  5. You as the artist receive your cut of the royalties based on your agreements.

But how does BoomPlay actually calculate the value of each stream or download? The royalty math can get a bit complex, as a few key factors come into play.

Factors That Determine Royalty Payouts on BoomPlay

BoomPlay does not publicly share details on how they compute per stream rates or royalty payouts. But based on industry reports, here are some of the key elements that likely factor into BoomPlay’s artist payment calculations:

Type of User Account

  • Free users – BoomPlay offers a free ad-supported tier. Artists likely earn the lowest per-stream rate from free users.
  • Premium subscribers – Paying subscribers provide far more revenue, leading to higher per-stream rates. BoomPlay has both individual plans and family plans.
  • Trial users – BoomPlay offers trials of its paid tiers. Trial user payments likely fall somewhere between free and paying.

So premium subscribers deliver more earnings per stream to artists. But free users can still lead to significant income at scale, even at lower royalty rates.

Country and Currency

BoomPlay is available in over 175 countries, which all have different currencies. BoomPlay needs to convert currencies when calculating payments. Exchange rates fluctuate, leading to variation in earnings by country.

Premium vs. Ad Supported

BoomPlay’s Premium subscription is ad-free, while the free tier includes ads. The ad-supported revenue likely factors into slightly higher payments for artists on Premium.

Individual vs. Family/Duo Plans

In some countries, BoomPlay offers Family and Duo plans in addition to Individual plans. The family plans likely represent less revenue per user, meaning slightly lower royalties.

Video vs. Audio Streaming

It takes more bandwidth and infrastructure to stream video than audio alone. If your song appears in a lyric video, the royalty rate may be different than for audio-only streams.

Master vs. Publishing Royalties

Royalties are paid to both the master recording owner (label/distributor) and the publishing owner (songwriter/composer). The split between master and publishing royalties depends on negotiated rates.

Free Trial Periods

BoomPlay sometimes offers extended free trial periods for promotions. Streams during free trials likely provide lower royalties, if any.

As you can see, many factors influence the final per-stream royalty amount. BoomPlay considers all these variables when calculating total payouts. This is important to keep in mind when tracking your earnings.

Now let’s look at how frequently you get paid your BoomPlay streaming royalties.

How Often Does BoomPlay Pay Artists?

BoomPlay pays royalties on a monthly basis.

Specifically, there is a monthly calculation period where all artist streams and downloads are added up. At the end of each period, the final tallies determine the royalty payouts for that month.

Artists are paid within 30 days after the monthly period ends. So in other words, you’ll receive your streaming royalties around 30 days after the streams occurred.

This payment schedule is in line with other major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. The regular monthly payments allow you to reliably earn streaming income over time.

One thing to note is there is a multi-month delay for reporting. That’s because it takes a few months for global streaming data to fully come in across regions and platforms.

So the royalty statement you receive in say March will cover activity from several months prior, like October-December of the previous year. The reporting periods are clearly laid out in your BoomPlay for Artists account, so you can track streaming activity versus payments.

Tips to Increase Your BoomPlay Artist Payments

Now that you know how BoomPlay pays royalties, what can you do to maximize your earnings? Here are some tips:

  • Release consistently – More releases means more tracks earning royalties. Release singles or EPs more frequently between full albums.
  • Engage with playlists – Getting on popular BoomPlay playlists means more streams. Use playlist pitching tools to increase your playlist reach.
  • Run promotions – Discount your tracks for short promo periods to boost sales, leading to higher royalties.
  • Analyze your data – Use BoomPlay for Artists data to see which songs perform best by country, playlist, etc. to inform your release strategy.
  • Build your fanbase – Loyal listeners who stream your music routinely will generate consistent revenue. Offer perks through your BoomPlay Artist account.
  • Promote across social – Market new releases across all social platforms, driving followers to your BoomPlay artist profile and tracks.
  • Use your BoomPlay artist tools – BoomPlay for Artists provides analytics, playlist pitching, merch stores, and promotions to activate your fanbase.

Common Questions Around BoomPlay Artist Payments

Let’s wrap up with answers to some frequently asked questions around getting paid by BoomPlay:

How much does BoomPlay pay per stream?

BoomPlay does not disclose per stream rates publicly. Based on broader industry estimates, the average per stream rate likely ranges from $0.003 to $0.005 for free users, and $0.01 to $0.025 for paid subscribers. But many factors influence the final rate.

How do I get paid if I’m unsigned or independent?

You can create a BoomPlay for Artists account to claim your music and receive payments directly. Tunecore or CD Baby also help you collect royalties. DistroKid lets you avoid annual fees.

Why are my royalty payments different each month?

Many variables like seasonality, new releases, playlist additions, and user growth impact monthly stream volumes and payout amounts. Payments will fluctuate.

How do I check my BoomPlay streaming royalties and earnings?

Log into your BoomPlay for Artists dashboard. The Analytics section shows your monthly streams and royalties per track. The Payments section has royalty statements.

Why is there a delay in reporting streams and royalties?

Processing global streaming data takes 2-3 months. So royalties paid in say January reflect streams from October-November of the previous year to allow full data collection.

Can I get paid faster as an artist?

Unfortunately, the monthly royalty payout schedule is fixed across all artists. The only option is to earn more with more releases and streams monthly to increase each payment.


We hope this article clarified exactly how BoomPlay pays artists! Understanding the royalty calculation, payment frequency, and reporting periods is key to tracking your streaming income. Use the tips provided to maximize your BoomPlay earnings through higher streams and listener engagement.

If you have any other questions around BoomPlay artist payments, be sure to check the BoomPlay for Artists Help Center for the most up-to-date policies and info.

As a leading music streaming platform, BoomPlay offers independent artists and labels a powerful way to build an audience and monetize their music through streams and downloads. Put these insights into play to make the most of your partnership with BoomPlay and realize the full potential of your music career.

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