How To Change or Edit Lyrics on BoomPlay? Quick Guide

Music is a huge part of our lives. Whether you’re commuting to work, exercising, or just relaxing at home, having the right song playing can set the perfect mood. But what if the lyrics to your favorite song aren’t quite what you want to hear? Is there a way to change or edit them? If you use the BoomPlay music app, the answer is yes! With BoomPlay, you have the ability to customize lyrics for many songs in their catalog. This allows you to alter the words to remove profanity, change names or places, or anything else you want.

In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about changing lyrics on BoomPlay.

So whether you’re a concerned parent, an aspiring lyricist, or just want a laugh from modified song words, read on to learn all about editing lyrics on BoomPlay!

What is BoomPlay and How Does it Work?

BoomPlay is a popular music streaming app available for iOS and Android devices. It gives you access to a library of over 100 million songs, allowing you to listen to music from your favorite artists anywhere you go.

BoomPlay works similarly to other streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music. You can search for artists or songs, create customized playlists, get recommendations, and more.

However, one unique feature that sets BoomPlay apart is the ability to edit lyrics for many of the songs on their platform. For applicable tracks, BoomPlay gives you the option to view the full lyrics and make changes to the words.

This works because of licensing agreements BoomPlay has with music publishers. They gain access to the instrumental portions of songs and permission to display lyrics. Users can then modify the provided lyrics without altering the actual recordings.

So when you edit a song’s lyrics on BoomPlay, you’ll hear the original audio recording with your new sung or rapped words overlaid on top.

Why Would You Want to Change Lyrics?

There are a variety of reasons why BoomPlay users might want to modify the lyrics to their favorite songs. Here are some of the most common:

  • Censoring explicit words – You may want to edit out swearing or inappropriate language, especially for songs you listen to with your kids. Changing “damn” to “darn” is an easy fix.
  • Tailoring songs for different audiences – Altering names, slang terms, or pop culture references can make songs more relatable for listeners of different ages, cultures, or backgrounds.
  • Personalizing lyrics – Changing lyrics to match your name, your school, or your hometown can add a special personal touch. This is popular for first dances at weddings!
  • Parodying songs – Some people enjoy giving songs a humorous twist by turning them into parodies about their own life or interests.
  • Fixing incorrect lyrics – Sometimes the existing lyrics have errors that you just can’t stand! Editing them makes it possible to finally sing the “right” words.
  • Improving lyrics – Aspiring songwriters can practice their skills by rewriting lyrics to improve songs they think could be better.

No matter your reasons, BoomPlay makes it easy to customize your music listening experience through lyric edits.

Step-by-Step Guide to Editing Lyrics on BoomPlay

Ready to rewrite your own lyrics? Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to edit song lyrics using the BoomPlay mobile app:

1. Find a Song with Editable Lyrics

  • Open the BoomPlay app and find a song you want to alter. The song must have the “Lyrics” tag in order to be editable.
  • Tap on the song title to go to its page. Check under the Artist, Album, and Duration info for the “Lyrics” tag. This means you can customize the words.
  • Not all songs are eligible for lyric changes, so you may need to try a few options to find one that works. Popular and current tracks are more likely to have editable lyrics.

2. Pull Up the Lyrics Viewer

  • Go to the playback screen and begin playing your chosen song.
  • Tap the “Lyrics” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. This brings up a lyrics viewer over the album artwork.
  • The lyrics will scroll in sync with the song playback. Tap anywhere on the lyrics display to pause it.

3. Go Into Edit Mode

  • With the lyrics viewer open, look for the pencil “Edit Lyrics” icon. Tap this to enter edit mode.
  • The lyrics will now display in an editable text field, along with prompts about saving changes. The song will continue playing in the background.

4. Alter the Existing Lyrics

  • With edit mode activated, you can now modify, delete, or add to any lyrics displayed.
  • Tap within the text field to position the cursor where you want to make changes. Type your new lyrics or use delete and backspace to revise wording.
  • Edit line by line or change large sections at once. The changes will update live as you type or delete words.
  • Need inspiration? Try looking up lyrics online or writing down changes before opening the editor.

5. Save Your New Lyrics

  • When you finish revising the lyrics for a section or the entire song, tap “Save” to save your changes.
  • To cancel any edits, tap “Revert” to go back to the original lyrics.
  • After saving, you can continue revising by tapping “Edit Lyrics” again. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have your perfect customized lyrics!

And that’s all there is to it! Now when you play the song, you’ll hear your own rewritten lyrics over the original music. Have fun making songs appropriate for any listener or occasion.

Tips for Effective Lyric Changes

To make your altered lyrics really shine, keep these tips in mind:

  • Retain the rhythm – Match the syllables and melody of the original lyrics as closely as you can. This maintains the flow.
  • Watch syllable counts – Try not to add or remove more than 2-3 syllables per line to keep the timing intact.
  • Change only objectionable words – Don’t feel you need to rewrite the whole song. Minor tweaks are often all that’s needed.
  • Use clean rhymes – Rhyming your new lyrics creates better flow and keeps the song structure.
  • Avoid proper nouns – Using generic terms like “baby” instead of names makes your lyrics relatable for all.
  • Check punctuation – Add commas, periods, and line breaks that match the song pacing and phrasing.
  • Read lyrics out loud – This helps catch awkward phrasing. Make sure your changed words are easy to sing or rap.

Following these best practices will help you modify lyrics like a pro!

Limitations of the Lyric Editing Feature

While being able to rewrite lyrics is an awesome BoomPlay feature, there are a few limitations users should be aware of:

  • Limited song selection – Only songs clearly labeled with “Lyrics” can be edited. The majority of the catalog cannot have altered lyrics.
  • Lyrics may be incomplete – Sometimes only choruses or popular verses are displayed if full lyrics are unavailable. You can only modify what’s shown.
  • Changes aren’t permanently saved – Your edited lyrics only save temporarily for your personal account. You’ll need to redo edits if you logout or switch devices.
  • No audio editing – You can only change words, not alter the song instrumentation or vocals. The original audio remains intact.
  • Edited songs can’t be shared – Your lyric versions aren’t transferable to other users or social media. They are for personal use only.
  • Works on mobile only – The BoomPlay desktop and web platforms don’t currently support lyric editing tools.

While these constraints exist, the lyric editor still provides awesome creative opportunities on most iOS and Android BoomPlay apps. Just be aware that customized songs are for your personal enjoyment only!

FAQ’s about Altering Lyrics on BoomPlay

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about changing lyrics using the BoomPlay app:

Can I edit lyrics on both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, BoomPlay’s lyric editing feature is available on both iOS and Android mobile apps. The process works the same way.

Do I need a paid BoomPlay subscription to edit lyrics?

No, you can edit lyrics on BoomPlay with a free or paid subscription. It’s available for all users.

What happens if I customize an explicit song to remove swearing?

The edited “clean” version becomes accessible only by your account. The original explicit track remains unchanged in BoomPlay’s catalog.

Can I permanently save my changed lyrics?

Unfortunately, no. Due to licensing, any edits you make are temporary. But you can easily re-edit a song again whenever needed.

Is lyric editing allowed for songs I added to my library from my own files?

No, you can only alter lyrics for BoomPlay’s catalog of fully licensed songs that have the “Lyrics” tag. User-uploaded tracks cannot be edited.

Can I edit multiple songs to create a full parody album?

Absolutely! BoomPlay’s lyric editor is great for making Weird Al-style parody songs. Just edit each track individually and add them to a custom playlist.

What happens if I try to share my edited song lyrics on social media?

The BoomPlay app blocks you from capturing or exporting the modified lyrics. They are for personal non-commercial use only.

I hope this article covered everything you need to know about customizing lyrics with BoomPlay! Feel free to leave a comment with any other questions.

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