Does Audiomack Pay Per Stream?

Streaming music has become one of the most popular ways for people to listen to their favorite songs and discover new artists. But how exactly do music streaming services like Audiomack make money from streams? Do they pay artists per stream?

These are important questions for both music listeners and creators alike. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down exactly how Audiomack works and how artists get paid from streams on the platform.

What is Audiomack?

Audiomack is a free music streaming and discovery platform that launched in 2012. The service allows artists to upload their music and users to stream songs for free.

Audiomack operates on an ad-supported model. Listeners can stream music on the platform without paying, while Audiomack generates revenue by selling ads within the service.

In addition to music streaming, Audiomack provides tools to help artists share their music and connect with fans. Artists can view real-time stats on their uploads to see who’s listening and where streams are coming from.

Overall, Audiomack positions itself as a platform focused on supporting emerging and independent artists. They want to help new talent gain exposure and grow their fanbases.

How Does Audiomack Make Money?

As mentioned above, Audiomack is an ad-supported free streaming service. This means they generate revenue from advertisements displayed around music and on artist profile pages.

Companies pay Audiomack to promote their products and services to Audiomack’s audience. When users click on or engage with these ads, it generates money for Audiomack.

Audiomack has both display advertising and audio ads that play between songs. These audio ads can be targeted to different genres and listener demographics.

In summary, the main ways Audiomack earns money are:

  • Display ads on the site and in the mobile apps
  • Audio ads that play during streams
  • Sponsored content and branded playlists
  • Selling listener data insights to advertisers
  • Promoted positions for popular releases

By selling these ad opportunities, Audiomack can offer free streaming to listeners while still generating revenue. This allows them to pay royalties to artists.

Does Audiomack Pay Per Stream?

So how exactly does Audiomack pay artists? Yes, Audiomack does pay per stream.

However, artists don’t get paid directly per each individual stream. Instead, Audiomack pays artists based on their overall share of total platform streams during a payment period.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how it works:

  • Audiomack earns revenue from ads and other channels described above
  • They set aside a percentage of that revenue as royalties to pay artists
  • These royalties are pooled together in a total “royalty pot”
  • At the end of each payment period, artists are paid from the pot based on their stream share

So an artist’s ultimate payout depends on:

  1. How much total revenue Audiomack earned that period
  2. The artist’s share of total streams on the platform

Think of it like dividends – artists are paid according to their proportional share of the streaming “pie”. More artist streams = bigger piece of the pie = higher royalty payout.

This is similar to how other major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music pay artists. It’s based on aggregate streams, not a direct per stream rate.

How Much Does Audiomack Pay per Stream?

Given how their payment system works, Audiomack does not disclose an exact pay per stream rate. The payout per stream fluctuates depending on the:

  • Total revenue Audiomack makes
  • Number of artist/songs streaming on the platform
  • Share of streams by each artist

While Audiomack doesn’t share their internal data, most estimates put their average per stream payout between $0.003 – $0.005.

However, this can vary significantly depending on an artist’s individual stream share and other factors. Top artists likely earn towards the higher end of that range.

For context, here are estimated per stream rates on other platforms:

  • Spotify: $0.003 – $0.005 per stream
  • Apple Music: $0.01 per stream
  • Amazon Music: $0.004 per stream
  • YouTube: $0.0007 – $0.0017 per stream

So Audiomack’s estimated per stream rate is fairly comparable to platforms like Spotify. However, artists should focus on their overall royalty payouts rather than per stream numbers.

How to Get Paid from Streams on Audiomack

Now that we’ve explained the basics of how Audiomack pays artists, let’s talk about how you can start earning royalties from your music. Here are the key steps:

1. Create an Audiomack artist account

First, you’ll need to visit Audiomack and create an account. When signing up, make sure to register as an artist so that you can access royalty payments and analytics.

2. Upload your music

Add all your songs you want to stream on Audiomack. Follow their recommended encoding settings and add high-quality cover art.

3. Share your artist profile and music links

Use your Audiomack artist profile URL and music links to promote your content across your website, social media, and press channels. Driving more listeners to your music on Audiomack is key for earning.

4. Enable monetization

In your Audiomack account settings, make sure “Monetize my music” is checked so that your uploads are eligible to earn revenue.

5. Provide payment details

To get paid, you need to provide either PayPal or bank account details in your payout settings. Audiomack issues payments electronically.

6. Review analytics

Use Audiomack’s built-in analytics to see your listeners, top tracks, locations, and more. This can help inform promotion strategies.

7. Wait for royalty payments!

Audiomack issues payouts on a monthly basis. So once your audience starts streaming your music, you can expect to see royalty earnings.

Stick to this process, continuously release new music, and promote your Audiomack profile to build your listener base and maximize earnings over time.

Tips for Artists to Earn More on Audiomack

Beyond the steps above, here are some additional tips for musicians and artists to earn more money on Audiomack:

  • Upload your full catalog – The more songs you have streaming, the more royalty opportunities. Keep older projects and singles available in addition to new releases.
  • Promote new releases – When uploading fresh music, be sure to market it across social media and to your email list. Promote pre-saves too. New music tends to drive more streams.
  • Utilize playlists – Getting added to popular Audiomack playlists related to your genre helps drive discovery. Reach out to curators and ask fans to add your songs.
  • Run contests/giveaways – Encourage users to follow your profile and stream songs by running creative contests and giveaways. Offer merch, experiences, etc. as prizes.
  • Collaborate with other artists – Appearing as a featured artist on rising Audiomack artists can expand your reach. Seek relevant collab opportunities.
  • Analyze your data – Dive into your Audiomack analytics to optimize efforts. Identify top tracks, markets, playlists, etc. and focus on those areas.
  • Be consistent – Continuously release new songs/projects to stay top of mind with your listeners and in Audiomack’s algorithms. Don’t take long breaks.

Following these best practices will help you maximize your earnings potential on the platform over the long-term.

Audiomack Payment FAQ’s

To wrap up this guide on how Audiomack’s royalty payments work, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How often does Audiomack pay artists?

Audiomack pays artists on a monthly basis. Payouts are processed for the previous month’s streaming activity.

What is the payment threshold on Audiomack?

Audiomack has a $50 payment threshold. This means artists must earn at least $50 in royalties before a payout will be issued. Any earnings below $50 will roll over to the next month.

When do Audiomack royalty payments arrive?

Audiomack pays out royalties on a net 60 basis. Payments for May streams, for example, would arrive at the end of July.

Does Audiomack pay sound recording royalties?

Yes, Audiomack pays mechanical royalties to both independent artists as well as labels/distributors.

Does Audiomack pay performers?

Not directly. Audiomack only pays sound recording royalties to rights holders. Performers get paid through their label or distribution contracts.

Can Audiomack tell me how many streams I had?

Yes, artists have access to detailed analytics on their Audiomack For Artists dashboard. This includes total plays by track, locations, top playlists, etc.

The Bottom Line

We hope this guide provided a comprehensive overview of how Audiomack handles royalty payments and how artists earn from streams on the platform.

The key points to remember are:

  • Audiomack pays artists based on their overall share of streams, not a fixed per stream rate
  • Actual per stream payouts likely range between $0.003 – $0.005
  • Maximizing earnings requires consistently releasing music and promoting your profile
  • Use Audiomack analytics to make data-driven decisions

At the end of the day, Audiomack presents a great opportunity for independent artists to share their music with new fans and build their streaming royalties over time.

Do you have any other questions about how Audiomack payments work? Let us know in the comments!

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