How do I Monetize my Account on Audiomack?

Are you an artist looking to make money from your music on Audiomack? With over 1.2 million artists and 20 million monthly users, Audiomack is one of the top platforms for sharing your music and growing an audience. But how can you actually generate revenue from the streaming service?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the main ways to monetize your Audiomack account, including content monetization, advertising, merchandising, and more. Whether you’re just starting out or already have an established following, read on to learn how to turn your music into money.

Enable Content Monetization

The most direct way to make money on Audiomack is through their content monetization program. This allows artists to earn revenue from streams of their uploaded music.

To qualify for content monetization, you’ll need:

  • At least 1000 organic plays in the past month
  • A professional account
  • Original songs (no covers)
  • Clean metadata like song title, ISRC codes, etc.

Once approved, you can monetize your songs by toggling the “Monetize” switch on the track page. This allows you to earn a share of revenue from ads that play before or during your music.

The more streams your songs get, the more money you’ll earn. Aim to release high-quality music consistently and promote your tracks to drive more listens. Popular genres like hip-hop, R&B, and pop tend to have the highest earning potential.

Sell Merchandise

Selling merchandise is a lucrative way for musicians to monetize their fanbase. Audiomack lets you connect your online store to your profile so fans can easily shop for merch.

Some popular products to offer include:

  • T-shirts with album artwork or logos
  • Hoodies, hats, beanies
  • Posters, canvases
  • Phone accessories like cases
  • Signed CDs, vinyl records
  • USB drives with unreleased music

When uploading merchandise images, make sure they are high-resolution and visually appealing. Add detailed descriptions to market the products. You can sell merch directly via sites like Shopify or Redbubble which handle printing and shipping.

Promote new merch drops to your Audiomack followers through posts and Stories. Limited edition or exclusive designs can incentivize fans to buy.

Run Advertisements

Artists with a Business Plus account on Audiomack can make money by running audio and display ads.

You can either promote your own music, merch, shows, etc. Or brands can pay you to advertise their products to your audience. Rates are based on impression counts.

Some best practices for getting great results from ads include:

  • Targeting relevant demographic and interest groups
  • Testing different creative formats
  • Optimizing for conversions like email signups or sales
  • A/B testing ad copy and landing pages
  • Retargeting previous site visitors

Ads allow you to capitalize on all your Audiomack listeners and turn them into a source of passive income.

Promote Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is a great addition to your Audiomack monetization strategy. Essentially, you earn a commission for promoting third-party products and services.

Include affiliate links to brands your audience may like:

  • Music gear and software
  • Concert/festival tickets
  • Streaming services
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Digital downloads, NFTs
  • Credit cards or payment apps

Whenever someone clicks your link and completes the promotion (signs up, makes a purchase, etc), you get paid. Most programs give anywhere from 10-20% commission per conversion.

Be sure to disclose affiliate relationships and only promote products you genuinely recommend. The most natural way to incorporate links is in your Audiomack profile “website” field. You can refresh this link to switch between different affiliate offers.

Offer Premium Content

Consider offering exclusive or early access content to fans for a fee. This “freemium” model lets you earn revenue while retaining a free streaming presence on Audiomack.

Some paid content ideas include:

  • Early album downloads
  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Alternate mixes and demos
  • Shoutouts and DMs
  • 1-on-1 video chats
  • Ensemble/stembundles
  • Concert live streams

You could manage this directly through your own website or use a platform like Patreon to gate content. Bundle tiers together to provide more value.

Promote your premium offerings through Audiomack posts and Stories. The key is enticing super fans who want deeper access and are willing to pay more.

Collaborate with Brands

Major brands will pay big bucks to partner with artists. Explore sponsored content deals where you promote products or experiences.

Some examples of music artist sponsorships:

  • Video ads on your Audiomack profile
  • Social takeovers and branded hashtags
  • Cross-promotions and giveaways
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Product endorsements and reviews
  • Music licensing for commercials
  • Branded merchandise

To attract sponsors, focus on driving high Audiomack followers and engagement. Quantify your audience demographics, reach, and results from past partnerships.

With a large and targeted following, you can negotiate lucrative brand collaborations to monetize your influence.

Sync Licensing

Sync licensing allows brands to use your music in advertisements, TV, movies, games, and more. This provides another revenue stream from your Audiomack content.

Popular sync uses include:

  • Commercial advertisements
  • Movie and TV show soundtracks
  • Video game background music
  • YouTube or TikTok videos
  • Corporate videos and presentations
  • Radio station bumper music

Upload an instrumental version of your tracks to make sync licensing easier. Join PROs like ASCAP or BMI to manage these deals.

You can also pitch your music through sync licensing libraries like Music Vine, Music Bed, and Songtradr. With compelling instrumentals and metadata, your songs can get placed in high-paying sync projects.

Live Performances

There’s nothing quite like making money from in-person shows, concerts, and touring. Use Audiomack to promote live events and drive ticket sales.

Strategically plan local shows, multi-city tours, festivals, and residencies. The more fans you attract online, the larger shows you can book. Aim to play popular venues that match your fanbase and geographic reach.

Sell VIP packages with perks like meet and greets for a premium price. Charge for add-ons like parking, concessions, and merch at the show. Livestreaming can also help you earn from virtual concerts.

On Audiomack, share photos, videos, and testimonials from past events to build excitement. Promote upcoming tour dates front and center on your profile.

Fan Funding

Direct fan funding platforms let you raise money from supporters. Add links to your Audiomack bio to collect donations, tips, and recurring pledges.

Popular musician fan funding options:

  • Kickstarter or Indiegogo for specific projects
  • Patreon for ongoing subscriptions
  • Artistgrowth for crowdfunding
  • Paypal or Buy Me a Coffee for tips

Offer cool rewards and milestones to incentivize different funding tiers. Be transparent about how you’ll use the money to improve your music.

Promote new content, merch, or experiences to your patrons first. Fan funding fosters a closer artist-fan bond while generating revenue. Add donor names to song credits as a thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How much money can you make on Audiomack?

Earnings depend on factors like number of streams, content monetization rates, merchandise sales, and sponsorships. Top artists can make thousands per month. Most will start out with smaller earnings that grow over time.

How often are Audiomack payouts?

Payouts are monthly for content monetization revenue. Other income like merchandise is paid whenever you receive the funds from your sales platform.

What happens if you get copyright claimed on Audiomack?

Copyright claims on Audiomack can result in monetization or distribution being halted. Avoid samples or covers without proper licensing and permissions.

Can you sell music downloads on Audiomack?

No, Audiomack currently only supports free streaming. To sell downloads directly you’ll need to use a third-party service.

Is Audiomack available worldwide?

Yes, Audiomack is available globally. But content monetization earnings may vary by region and are only open to certain countries at this time.


With diverse income streams like content monetization, merchandising, advertising, live shows, and more – you can build a lucrative music business on Audiomack. Focus on growing your fanbase, creating premium experiences, and partnering with brands.

The key is providing value to listeners while monetizing your influence. Always put your fans first by sharing your best work and engaging authentically.

The music industry keeps evolving, but artists who adapt their business models can profit tremendously.

So gear up to turn your account into a money-making asset. Follow this guide and you’ll be well on your way to making money from music with Audiomack.

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