How To Check Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify

Do you ever wonder who is listening to and enjoying the playlists you’ve carefully curated on Spotify? With over 422 million active users, your playlists have the potential to reach a huge audience. But unless your playlists are public, it can be difficult to know exactly who is following and liking them.

Fortunately, Spotify provides a way for you to see who liked your playlist, even if it’s private. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to check who liked your Spotify playlists.

Playlists are one of the best features of Spotify. You can create customized playlists for every mood, genre, and occasion. But creating great playlists is only half the fun. The real excitement comes from sharing your playlists and seeing how others interact with them.

Checking who liked your playlist can provide valuable insights, like:

  • Seeing which of your friends and followers are enjoying your playlists.
  • Discovering new users that share your musical tastes.
  • Identifying playlist trends and themes among listeners.
  • Finding personalized playlist recommendations based on fans of your playlists.
  • Connecting with other users over shared musical interests.

So if you want to see who is loving your impeccably curated playlists, here’s exactly how to do it.

Prerequisites for Checking Playlist Likes

Before diving into the step-by-step process, there are a couple requirements to be aware of:

  • You must be the creator of the playlist – Only the original creator of a playlist can view likes.
  • Your playlist must be public or shared specifically with users – Private playlists can only be seen by you.
  • Users must like your playlist – You can only see users who have actively liked your playlist. Passive listens are not tracked.

If your playlist meets these criteria, you’re ready to start viewing your fan club!

Step-by-Step Guide to Check Playlist Likes

Checking who liked your Spotify playlist is simple and only takes a few clicks. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

1. Open Your Playlist in Spotify

First, open the Spotify app or website and navigate to the playlist you want to check. You can search for the playlist by name or find it in Your Library.

Make sure you select the playlist you created, not just one you follow.

2. Access Playlist Radio

Next, click on the three dots “…” next to the playlist title. Select “Go to Playlist Radio” from the dropdown menu.

3. View Playlist Followers

This will open a Playlist Radio page. On desktop, you’ll see a “Followers” option on the left side. On mobile, tap the “Followers” link at the bottom.

4. See Who Liked Your Playlist

Here you’ll see a list of all users who have liked your playlist! The list includes follower counts for each user and profile pictures, so you can easily identify listeners.

You can also scroll down to load more likers as needed. The list updates in real time, so you’ll always see the latest followers.

And that’s all there is to it! With just a few clicks in Spotify, you can gain valuable insight into who is enjoying your playlists.

Tips for Using Playlist Likes

Now that you know how to check your playlist likes, here are some tips for putting that information to use:

  • Re-engage with listeners – Message users who like multiple playlists to say thanks and recommend additional playlists to follow.
  • Find new follows – Check out profiles of listeners you don’t know and follow them back if you like their playlists.
  • Repurpose popular playlists – Turn playlists with lots of likes into radio shows or podcasts.
  • Identify winning themes – Note playlist topics that attract high like counts and make more playlists on those subjects.
  • Give credit – Shoutout playlist likers on social media and thank them publicly for their support.
  • Go pro – High playlist likes and followers can help you qualify for Spotify’s verified artist programs.

So be sure to regularly check who liked your Spotify playlists and leverage that data to enhance your music marketing and connection with listeners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here are answers to some common questions about checking who liked your Spotify playlists:

How often does the playlist liker list update?

The list of users who have liked your playlist updates in real time. You’ll always see the most up-to-date followers when you view playlist likes.

Can I see the exact date someone liked my playlist?

Unfortunately no, Spotify does not show the dates users liked your playlist – you can only see the list of users.

Does listening to my playlist count as a like?

Simply playing your playlist does not count as liking it. A user has to actively click the “like” button on your playlist to appear in the follower list.

Can I see likes on a playlist I’m following but didn’t create?

No, only the original playlist creator can view likes. You can only see followers/likes if you were the first owner.

Why do some playlists have zero likes even with listens?

For a private playlist, only you can view and like it. For public playlists, users may listen without liking, so plays do not always equal likes.

Can I export my playlist likes?

There is no way to export the list of users who liked your playlist. You can only view the list within Spotify.


Spotify playlists give you an awesome way to share your musical tastes and talents with the world. But it’s difficult to tell who is actually listening without the ability to check your playlist likes.

With this simple trick, you can discover which of your friends and followers enjoy your playlists, identify new potential fans, and better understand what content resonates with listeners.

So tap into the power of your playlist likes today! Connect with fellow music lovers, increase listens and follows, and boost your Spotify presence. Your next viral hit or career-making connection could come from discovering who likes your playlists.

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